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case reviews, site development assessments and town planning advice for developers, solicitors and lending institutions 


Planning Consultants specialising in planning law is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ashall Town Planning, established 21st July 1993.


Our Principal is a Chartered Town Planner and Full Member of the Royal Town Planning Institute (MRTPI). 


With 40 years town planning experience, can provide you with sound and reliable planning advice allowing you to make more informed and accurate decisions when considering purchasing land or buildings in England.


We have substantial knowledge of planning law, undertake case reviews, site development assessments and provide specialist planning advice throughout England and deal with all local councils and the Planning Inspectorate.

We look forward to the opportunity of working with you.

Introducing our law firm

Our Business Sectors


Planning Law

Planning Law is laid down by Parliament and forms the basis of planning decision-making in England, whether it be development control, local plans, conservation areas, listed buildings or consideration of Permitted Development schemes. We  specialise in Planning Law advice.


Planning Case Reviews

Town Planning is complex and involves planning policy, planning guidance and planning law. Anyone can submit a planning application and mistakes can often be made as its a daunting process. Our case reviews allow applicants to fully understand the complexity of the relevant issues quickly and succinctly.


Site Development Assessments

Sites can comprise of undeveloped open land, land with dilapidated buildings thereon and those with substantial buildings, houses, farms, barns and sheds or perhaps large commercial enterprises. Specialist site development appraisals allow land owners, developers and prospective purchasers to make more informed purchasing decisions and achieve their planning goals.


Town Planning Advice

We provide specialist town planning advice to developers, corporate clients, solicitors, conveyancing specialists and all manner of lending institutions whether they be banks, building societies or other funding sources who rarely visit the land or buildings to be acquired or examine the planning history of the site in any significant detail. Utilising our specialist advice at the outset, you will be assured of a more successful property transaction.

Our Principal

Mr Raymond Ashall BA Hons DIP EP MRTPI

Our principal has 40 years planning experience and expertise gained from visiting clients land and buildings throughout the UK over a lifetime in the planning industry.

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Professional planning advice is the key to development success.

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