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03. Site Development Assessments

Site Development Assessments

Sites can comprise of undeveloped land, land with dilapidated buildings thereon and sites with substantial buildings, houses, barns or sheds thereon or perhaps large commercial enterprises, abandoned factories or former industrial sites.

There are many property professionals who could examine the details of parcels of land or buildings such as architectural consultants, estate agents, landowners, potential purchasers, surveyors or other land agents - but are they really aware of the potential or constraints of the site without a full detailed examination of the planning situation? are experts in this field and our in-depth site development assessments often include a planning history search, planning permission evaluation including any relevant planning conditions and local plan allocation and national planning guidance review appertaining to the specifics of the development being considered.

Advantages of using for your Site Development Assessments

Using the services of an unqualified or inexperienced assessor can result in the wrong or misleading advice being given - perhaps even written by those who have a vested interest in disposing of the subject site or building for sale.

That view or opinion however may therefore not be the complete picture and could result in abortive or unsuitable purchases being made based upon incorrect assumptions or facts. E.g. Is the site actually in the Green Belt?

Mistakes made at the early pre-contract stage can be costly and we have experienced many clients who have been misadvised and bought land and buildings which were entirely unsuitable for the use being proposed.

By asking to undertake a Site Development Assessment you will be obtaining independent qualified advice from a chartered town planner with substantial experience to allow you to make a more informed decision.

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Planning Law and property development is not black and white. Utilising the substantial Town Planning and Property Development experience of, we can help you devise a successful strategy at the outset. Before making your next move make sure you have the correct professionals in place to advise you. Contact us today to request a quote.

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