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02. Planning Case Reviews

Planning Case Reviews

Town Planning is complex and involves planning policy, planning guidance and planning law.

As anyone can submit a planning application, mistakes are often made as it's a daunting process.

Forms are often completed incorrectly and the wrong or no certificate served on owners of land.

Such mistakes or lack of specialist planning knowledge can be costly.

Indeed, completing the wrong form or certificate can result in a lack of right of appeal if refused.

In addition, if the person or agent who submits a planning application is unaware of relevant or up to date planning policy, guidance or planing law - the application may be considered invalid or unacceptable by the LPA.

Therefore, if you have already entered the planning application or appeal process, you may be thinking am I using the right consultant for a specific task or going down the right path - e.g. a planning application, appeal or lawful development certificate.

By undertaking a 'Planning Case Review' you will be obtaining independent qualified and chartered town planning advice to allow you to make a more informed decision moving forward. are experts in this field to provide you with an independent planning case review.


 Examples of Planning Case Reviews

1. Client purchases barn with planning permission located within the curtilage of a listed building. Appointed architectural consultant prepares large scheme to extend barn and another scheme for outbuildings under permitted development believing this to be acceptable. Planning case review revealed this would be contrary to planning policy and PD law.

2. Client purchases large detached dwellinghouse which is also a listed building and submits a planning application and listed building consent for large scale redevelopment of the site. The LPA found the submitted scheme unacceptable. Client required a planning case review to understand whether the councils concerns were reasonable or not in this case.

Following case review, revised plans were submitted adhering to our advice and consents were subsequently granted.

3. Client purchases two former police stations having been advised previously that they could be converted to children's day nurseries without planning permission under permitted development. Planning case review confirms that the previous advice provided was incorrect and that planning permission was required and subsequently sought. 

These cases demonstrate the importance of obtaining accurate professional town planning advice at the outset.

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Planning Law and property development is not black and white. Utilising the substantial Town Planning and Property Development experience of, we can help you devise a successful strategy at the outset. Before making your next move make sure you have the correct professionals in place to advise you. Contact us today to request a quote.

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