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01. Planning Law

Property Disputes and Planning Law Issues

Property disputes and planning law issues are frequently raised matters that can advise upon. These can include whether or not a site has any realistic development potential based upon the likely lawful established use of the planning unit and/or whether any Permitted Development Rights apply to the site or building concerned.


For example, not all dwellinghouses benefit from Permitted Development due to age, planning conditions or other factors including whether or not the site is a listed building or considered to be within the curtilage of a Listed Building. can therefore advise clients on a wide range of planning law issues and planning law interpretation.

Lawful Development Certificates and Enforcement Notices can advise on whether a Lawful Development Certificate may be possible and the grounds for consideration that a Local Planning Authority (LPA) will examine. These criteria are contained in Statutory Instruments laid down by Parliament. Very often, planning law is interpreted in different ways by individual decision makers.


We can advise on the pro's and con's of such applications based on a significant track record of applying for both existing and proposed LDCs. We also have experience of appealing successfully against council LDC refusals overturned on appeal.


A Local Planning Authority has a significant array of planning enforcement powers available to them including stop notices, breach of condition notices and enforcement notices. can guide you through the complexities of enforcement issues and deal with Enforcement Notice Appeals to the Planning Inspectorate efficiently to ensure that the correct appeal forms are used, the right grounds of appeal advanced and the relevant time periods complied with.

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Planning Law and property development is not black and white. Utilising the substantial Town Planning and Property Development experience of, we can help you devise a successful strategy at the outset. Before making your next move make sure you have the correct professionals in place to advise you. Contact us today to request a quote.

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