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Planning Portal Fees increasing on 6th December 2023

Planning Portal fees will be increasing on 6th December 2023 and the main affects are;

The main points affecting how fees are calculated on Planning Portal are that:

application fees in England will be increasing by 25% across the board, which will rise to 35% for major schemes based on the legislative interpretation of ‘major development’.

The provision for a ‘free go’ on application resubmissions in England will also be removed, but individual applications that were already eligible for a free resubmission prior to the change (i.e. before 6th December 2023) will remain so. This will see the number of such exemptions fade out over the 12-month period after the amendments have taken effect.

A fee is being introduced for the prior approval application required, as part of the permitted development rights for ‘development by the Crown on a closed defence site’.

Separately, the amendment introduces an annual rise in application fees linked to inflation (and capped at 10%) every April from 2025 onwards.

It also tightens the planning guarantee so that undetermined non-major applications (including householder developments) will be eligible to receive a refund after 16 weeks, shortened from the 26-week period which remains ‘as is’ in all other cases.

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